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As you are probably know, the regulations around the blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving and are vastly different in each country, state, or even sometimes at the provincial or local level (and more!).

Our aim has always been to build a project that will accelerate the interests of decentralization and the use of blockchain technologies in general. In order to be able to focus on the task ahead, we prefer to restrict, from the onset and at this stage, the access to individuals, companies, entities which are from or residents in the United States, and other "Restricted Jurisdictions" as defined in our Terms & Conditions. In these geographies, the access to our Spacelens platform is not available. The Spacelens mobile app is also not available on the App Store to download.

No one asked us to do so. We simply prefer to take a cautious approach and discuss first with the relevant authorities before proceeding in opening the platform to new geographies. It's our wish to build a useful platform that will continue to grow over time in a positive and compliant manner. We also have many potential users to serve already and will make sure they can get the best experience possible. This is what matters to us.

As governments and different legal systems around the world provide more clarity in what can be done safely, we will reassess our decisions and change them accordingly. We are eager for everyone, without restrictions, to be able to experience Spacelens and will work towards that end with the proper framework.

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