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As the development of blockchain technologies continue to rapidly evolve, projects like Spacelens use what we can cal a semi-decentralized infrastructure. This means that part of our infrastructure resides on the blockchain and is decentralized while another part still use legacy servers and infrastructure to be able to render certain technical operations.

Why should we still use semi decentralized infrastructures?

The reason why some companies continue to use semi decentralized infrastructure is the current limitation of certain technical processes to be happening on the blockchain. This might be because of the time it might take to realize an operation, its costs to users, or other technical requirements that force the use of central servers or infrastructure. Whenever you want to offer advanced solutions to your users, you need sometimes to make certain tradeoffs until blockchain technologies catch up to the expectations of everyday users.

The decentralization of the technological stack
The decentralization of the technological stack

At Spacelens, our goal is to move everything to the blockchain. While we gradually do so, we also want to make sure our users get the best experience on all the different applications we offer. It's our philosophy to develop decentralized solution and technologies to current centralized infrastructures. We do so step by step with the idea that one day all the systems used will be completely decentralized.

How to prioritize what should be decentralized first?

We also take into account several parameters to decide what is more urgent in terms of decentralization. Whenever we see that a process can be safely decentralized and which can provide more privacy, transparency, and freedom to our users, we start tackling it in its entirety until it can fully resides on the blockchain. The concepts of privacy and freedom are of paramount importance to us.

New technologies are being developed internally to maximize decentralization
New technologies are being developed internally to maximize decentralization

Depending on the complexity of what you are building and the necessity to use certain tools, this decentralization process can take more time. This is why many organizations which want to bring their infrastructure to the blockchain are in a state of semi-decentralization.


As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our infrastructure and understand what has been decentralized and what is in the process to become so. You can also find more information on our Support page.

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