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In the last few weeks, we have all witnessed that the forces around cryptos, the blockchain, and the overall decentralized movements took several turns.

New technologies and a different way of seeing the world are always prone to debate and challenges. The blockchain will go through those currents before it can really become an established, accepted solution for many of our world digital interactions. More and more people will try to regulate every aspects of this technology while others will defend the liberty and freedom it can provide. It will be a tough battle but History shows that it's really hard to contain a superior solution for a long time. The best solution usually prevails.

We are at crossroads. On one hand, blockchain and cryptocurrencies adoption have accelerated very rapidly in the last few years. This led to some actors using the technology for the wrong reasons. And people often focus on what is wrong rather that the positive aspects of disruption. We can expect the debate about cryptocurrencies to hit an all time high during the next several years before the public understands the use cases where these tokens do make sense and should be used.

The SPACE Token on the Ethereum Blockchain

Companies will become successful in the space by learning how to navigate a constantly changing environment and trying to voice their opinions and push their ideas in a constructive and transparent manner.

The blockchain technology, used properly, can lead to a large number of benefits. As the applications and capabilities get expanded, the number of users that rely on these innovations in their daily life will continue to grow considerably. The tide will then turn again and the positive aspects of decentralization, decentralized commerce and other business activities will take over their critics.

We are proud to be part of these important changes and to offer our user base the best tools they can use to leverage the blockchain as it is intended to be by its original founders.

We have recently release our Spacewallet on mobile and invite you to join us on this journey.  

To a better world, always.

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