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In order to tackle big challenges, we need to be able to separate each piece of the puzzle and gradually develop each layer. When the task in front of us is important, it would be wishful thinking to try to tackle it from all angles.

It seems more reasonable to create different waves of development and make sure each piece is thoroughly though through before starting with the next.

At Spacelens, we will organize our work in such a manner. We have set the following roadmap for the months ahead. This plan will obviously evolve over time but we will make sure to the main aspects of the roadmap.

Spacelens Mobile App

Mobile first

We will first start to develop  our mobile app using a regular and centralized infrastructure. This will allow us to design and test the app in the easiest conditions possible and make sure that its framework is something that users like and use. We will also first develop an app for iOS and focus our resources in making it scalable. We will start the Android development at a later stage.

We plan to have released an iOS app during the Q1 2019.

Website development

Once our first mobile app is release, we will be able to develop a website which will replicate all the functionalities of our app. This includes sign up and sign in function, store management, product creation and listing management.

We plan to release the first version of our website during Q2 2019. We will continue to work in improving our mobile app and building the initial community for 18 months before moving to the next layer of development.

Adding blockchain components

Once a great mobile version has been released, the next piece that will be tackled is how can we integrate the blockchain infrastructure in order to start decentralizing our platform. The vision is to gradually be able to remove centralized components in our platform and replace them with a user governed infrastructure. The different pieces that will experience these changes will be in priority those for which we can build a technology that would be on par, in terms of quality, with the one currently offered by a centralized technology. We want to make sure the user experience across the board remains the same whether we use in the background an infrastructure vs. the other.

We will focus in also creating a smart wallet, develop a token, and create other components to enable the shift to a decentralized infrastructure.

We plan to have the first release of decentralized functionalities during Q2 2021.

Android development

As we continue to move our entire infrastructure to the blockchain, we will at this stage start the development of an Android app which will match the quality of our iOS app.

We plan to have the first release of our Android app during Q4 2021.

We want to avoid planning too many years ahead as we all know how fast technology evolves so we will keep it to the end of next year at this stage. This offers us a nearly 3 years window which seems sufficient as it includes all the main pieces of the puzzle!

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