SPACE tokens are being distributed to people on the Spacelens platform following the plan we have established in our current White Paper in the coming months. The White Paper is a living document in our mind which will evolve as our technological developments continue to prosper.

For more information on the SPACE token, please visit our official token page. You will find there all the information regarding supply, team members, and future milestones. The SPACE token is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token.

The SPACE token
The SPACE token

As a reminder, you can also looked at the official SPACE token contract on the Etherscan. It's always important to check that you have the correct contract address before you interact with the SPACE token or any other token.

SPACE on Etherscan
SPACE on Etherscan

You will find below a list of DeFi exchange where the SPACE token is found.

Exchanges & DeFi list

(we will try to update it as much as possible as we find new pools being created but that list might not be exhaustive, far from it)


The SPACE tokens are present on Uniswap.

Tokpie Exchange

The SPACE tokens are present on the Tokpie exchange.


The SPACE tokens are present on Sushiswap.


The SPACE tokens are present on 1inch.


The SPACE tokens are present on Bancor.

Dodo Exchange

The Space tokens are present on the Dodo exchange.

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