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The SPACE token has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens in its lifetime and will predominately be made available to our community of users,  team, external resources, partners, following the following split and schedule:

  • 25% for Spacelens users -> unlocked and will be gradually distributed with user base growth and as functionalities permits on the platform. Reserved solely for users.
  • 20% for partners and brands -> unlocked and will be distributed as we continue to increase the number of partners and sign additional brands and cooperation agreements.
  • 10% for community -> unlocked for the needs of the community, promotions and other marketing and PR activities that have to do with the broader ecosystem.
  • 25% for the team -> 150M tokens locked and 100M unlocked for team, recruitment, advisors, legal needs with over 45M left to be distributed of these 100M. The 150M locked will become available by 1st June 2022 and only after the 100M unlocked tokens have been distributed.
  • 10% for the treasury fund -> Unlocked and used for operations.
  • 10% as reserve -> Locked until rest of tokens have been distributed or after 1st of January 2023.

-> Community tokens will go back to users pool if not needed by January 2023.

-> Unused tokens of the partners pool will go back to team pools if the token is not necessary for additional partnership after January 2023.

-> Tokens in the Spacelens users pool will remain available until fully distributed to users only or attribution might be changed by a potential governance resolution after January 2023 when governance system is introduced.

The team has never and is not planning to raise any funds by offering SPACE tokens to the public. The SPACE tokens have been created to allow future functionalities within our Spacelens platform as our development continues.

SPACE White Paper

You will find information on the SPACE token on our White Paper.

Our white paper is a living document. The document gets constantly updated as we continue to develop new functionalities and/or technologies and might change significantly over time.


You can also find additional information on our Spacewallet on a dedicated page. The Spacewallet is an Ethereum based wallet. It is integrated within the Spacelens mobile app and offers many different and unique features thanks to this integration.

Space wallet


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