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We continue with our series of videos that introduce core concepts of Spacelens. A unique feature of the platform is being able to precisely place any listing on a global map. The world is both global and local. Similarly commerce should be borderless and community based.

Commerce is continuously evolving. What we have seen is that depending on the nature of products or services, some people will pay more importance to the time it takes to get something while for other more premium or unique offerings, consumers will be more than happy to wait if they can get exactly what they want. This is why having both capabilities in the platform is critical.

For digital goods and NFTs, the purchasing behaviors are different. We strongly believe that the blockchain will accelerate the digitalization of goods and will foster new consumptions behaviors and more transparent pricing at the same time. Because of their nature, these items delivery can be instantaneous.

In future releases of the platform, we will apply that same concept to the cryptocurrencies themselves as we believe that uniting location and cryptos could welcome some new ideas. We are currently experimenting various cool and useful concepts which will announce soon!

To be continued 🌏

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