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One of the most important aspects on the vision we have for the future of eCommerce is the idea that control or censure should be removed from the direct interactions of buyers and sellers.

Today, we witness everyday how legitimate products and offerings get rejected by bots or undertrained employees on different marketplaces, creating financial distress to vendors and removing choices from consumers to find additional offers.

This control and censure are often managed through long terms and conditions that are not always up to date, contradict themselves, or are simply applied differently by different people of the same organization!

The idea of decentralized eCommerce is a powerful one as it removed the power and control one organization or company has on the interactions that can happen on a specific marketplace. This will lead to more freedom, better pricing, more transparency and remove roadblocks that can impede creativity and commerce in general.

At Spacelens, we will gradually move pieces of our technological infrastructure to the blockchain in order to give the governance of the platform to the community rather than to our company. This is what we call eCommerce 3.o.

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