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After years of technical development on both our infrastructure and mobile application, we are happy to introduce our official SPACE Token as planned in our timeline . We have now updated the page with the latest information, number of tokens available, team members, breakdowns of holders, and more.

Access the official SPACE token page here.

Supply & Distribution

The SPACE token will have a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency and will predominately be made available to our community of users,  team, external resources, partners, and exchanges following the following split and schedule:

  • 25% for Spacelens users -> unlocked and will be gradually distributed with user base growth and as functionalities permits on the platform. Reserved solely for users
  • 20% for liquidity provisioning, partners, brands, exchanges -> unlocked and will be distributed as we continue to increase the number of exchanges and sign additional brands and cooperation agreements
  • 10% for community -> unlocked for the needs of the community, promotions and other marketing and PR activities that have to do with the broader ecosystem
  • 25% for the team -> 150M tokens locked and 100M unlocked for team, recruitment, advisors, legal needs with over 45M left to be distributed of these 100M. The 150M locked will become available by 1st June 2022 and only after the 100M unlocked tokens have been distributed. Our goal is to gradually distribute tokens to members of the team, new recruits, and when a set of objectives are realized and/or when top exchanges provide sufficient liquidity to be able to absorb some of these volume without creating a significant increase in supply vs. demand
  • 10% for the treasury fund -> Unlocked and used to finance operation, user acquisition, legal expenses, and R&D
  • 10% as reserve -> Locked until rest of tokens have been distributed or after 1st of January 2023.

-> Community tokens will go back to users pool if not needed by January 2023 as our penetration efforts should be complete by then. Community expense will be paid at that time by the treasury pool.

-> Unused tokens of the liquidity provisioning, partners, brands, exchanges pool will go back to team pools if the token is not necessary for additional partnership and if the token is listed on at least 1 major exchange (top 10 exchange list on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko) after January 2023.

-> Tokens in the Spacelens users pool will remain available until fully distributed to users only or attribution might be changed by governance resolution after January 2023.

It was important for us to wait that our platform to be live and running before creating the SPACE token as we didn't want to follow a model where we would be creating expectations that couldn't be fulfilled. Now that our digital wallet is also available on the App Store, we feel that we have crossed sufficient milestones to start the token distribution.

The SPACE token and SPACE coin Ethereum based cryptocurrency

SPACE White Paper

You will find there many information on the SPACE token as well as have access to our White Paper for our project.

Our white paper is a living document. The document gets constantly updated as we continue to develop new functionalities and/or technologies.

SPACE white paper blockchain decentralized eCommerce


You can aslo find the official list to our contract on Etherscan and invite you to always check that you have the correct token address before interacting with our tokens.

If you have any questions at anytime, please always feel free to ask us a question on our support page or to email us.

Find the official SPACE contract address on Etherscan.

Always check the contract address on the Etherscan
Always check the contract address on the Etherscan

We will alway continue to post on the blog the latest news on Spacelens and the SPACE token, and make sure that the Etherscan information is as up-to-date as possible.

the SPACE token is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token

Exchanges and DeFi list

(we will try to update it as much as possible but that list might not be exhaustive, far from it).

BigONE Exchange

The SPACE tokens are present on BigONE exchange.


The SPACE tokens are present on COINSBIT Global exchange.


The SPACE tokens are present on COINSBIT INDIA exchange.

LATOKEN Exchange

The SPACE tokens are present on LATOKEN exchange.

P2PB2B Exchange

The SPACE tokens are present on P2PB2B exchange.

Bilaxy Exchange

The SPACE tokens are present on the Bilaxy exchange.

Tokpie Exchange

The SPACE tokens are present on the Tokpie exchange.


The SPACE tokens are present on Uniswap.


The SPACE tokens are present on Sushiswap.


The SPACE tokens are present on 1inch.


The SPACE tokens are present on Bancor.


The SPACE tokens are present on plasmafinance.


The SPACE tokens are present on SashimiSwap.

‌SWFT Blockchain

The SPACE tokens are present on SWFT Blockchain swap.

Dodo Exchange

The Space tokens are present on the Dodo exchange.

You can always check here an updated list of the Exchanges where the SPACE token is currently available whether those are centralized exchanges or DeFi. We intend to keep that list as updated as we possibly can.

Social Networks

Spacelens social networks

Team Members

You can find a full list of our team member on the SPACE token page as well as on LinkedIn. Once again, we invite you to contact us directly for any questions you have. Please always check on LinkedIn the latest members as the SPACE token page might not be updated with the latest collaborators. We will strive to announce key positions on our social networks as well overtime.

Bridging blockchain and eCommerce


You can also find additional information on our Spacewallet on a dedicated page. The Spacewallet is an Ethereum based wallet with support to additional blockchains and other standards. It is integrated within the Spacelens mobile app and offers many different and unique features thanks to this integration.

The Spacewallet - a modern blockhain and crypto wallet

Current Developments

As our development continues, we now focus on integrating every day more the SPACE token to our current platform to continue expanding its utility while we continue increasing its distribution.

The current technical plan for the remaining of the year 2021 regarding the SPACE token is as follow:

  • Integration of the Spacelens smart wallet and SPACE token to the web app (Q3 2021)
  • Integration of the SPACE token to the mobile store creation (Q3 2021)
  • Integration of the SPACE token to the maps on both desktop and mobile environment (Q3 2021)
  • Exchange and swaps directly integrated to our desktop and mobile environments (Q4 2021)
  • Integration of the SPACE token in our chats both on the generation of decentralized conversations and as a process for different user actions (Q4 2021)

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