This post intends to list the different media and publications where the Spacelens project has been featured or reviewed. This list is not exhaustive. We try to update this list as often as possible with relevant content.

For the latest information regarding the SPACE token, please see this post.

Media publications

Benzinga: Spacelens: Leveraging Blockchain In E-Commerce (read)

IHODL: Spacelens Decentralized E-Commerce Platform (read)

BTCMANAGER: How Spacelens is Bringing Blockchain to e-Commerce (read)

TOKPIE: Discover SPACE token (read)

Spacelens Media publications

Blogs and other formats

A list of articles, videos, and other content published by different blogs and the community. We try to put on top the most recent articles.

  • How Blockchain Technology is Going to Transform the eCommerce Industry (read)
  • How to buy the best cryptocurrency? (read)
  • What is cryptocurrency? (read)
  • What is the future of crypto? (read)
  • How Spacelens is an innovative platform for decentralized commerce? (read)
  • What is a blockchain wallet? Everything you need to know (read)

Social networks

Spacelens is active on several social media platforms. Some more than the others based on the interests of the different communities.

Please see below the list of our social media accounts. Feel free to reach us on any of these platforms at anytime.

SPACE social media social networks spacelens crypto blockchain
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