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We are excited to announce the release of a significant update to our crypto wallet and its functionalities. You can access these new features directly within the Spacelens mobile app.

You can now also see your wallet from the main tab of the Spacelens app and find at a glance what is happening in the crytpo market with top gainers and losers categories.

You will get also access a new graphical interface which will show you different trends and have the ability to change the format of that data between different time intervals for better analysis.

spacewallet blockchain crypto ethereum
The Spacewallet 

We now let you also create a new blockchain wallet or import an existing one directly from the spacewallet tab so it is easier than ever to add the wallet functionality to your experience on the eCommerce platform.

You can obviously see the historic of all the transactions you have made and manage your cryptocurrencies funds accordingly.

We will continue to add more functionalities to our wallet in the coming days and create additional features to better link our eCommerce crypto wallet to the world of decentralized commerce.

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