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We are releasing today a new version of our Spacelens mobile app on iOS which offers significant improvements on functionalities, speed, and graphical interface.

You can now easily see all ERC-20 tokens automatically appear on your blockchain wallet without ever having to add them manually, see the different price movements of each of your Ethereum tokens, get a more rapid access to the list of the tokens you own so you can easily choose which one you want to send more granularly, and even visualize more precisely this information on a graphic with more timeframes.

Spacelens spacewallet cryptocurrencies wallet

This update also comes with many improvements in terms of speed as we believe the experience that users get when using a crypto wallet should be on par with the fastest traditional applications, even if this process us happening on a decentralized interface. We cannot accelerate the speed or congestion of the Ethereum chain itself, but we can make improvements on the flow and speed at which users can do activities on the interface.

On this new version, you can also see how your wallet assets that are being tracked are changing daily. Instead of only showing you the market information and see which prices are changing on a global level, we go further by offering you the ability to also see how your own wallet changes in respect with these market changes on a daily basis.

We are in the process to add the wallet and its functionalities to our Spacelens website so we can all seamlessly move between one environment and the other. This should be coming relatively soon.

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