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We are happy to report the release of a new version of the Spacelens app for iOS which now includes several security improvements.

The latest version of the Spacelens app now provides Face ID and a full configurable pin code setting to add an additional layer to the Spacewallet and to certain parts of the app.

Spacelens security blockchain crypto

Security is today more important than ever and a major concern in any types of project, including blockchain platforms. It is becoming on the most critical aspects of a project development.

As a team, we strive to place as many tools and functionalities to help reinforce our security capabilities. As the world of software and technology is constantly evolving, it constantly creates new vulnerabilities that need to be addressed continuously.  

At Spacelens, we will strive to bring as many security measures as possible on the different platforms we develop (web and mobile) in order to help securitize our community as much as possible with our future developments. We will continue to update each time we do a particular release which improves the security of the system.

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