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Providing the same rights to everyone is a core value of Spacelens. We know for example how internet penetration often differs among communities and how this can create long lasting consequences for those who are not able to be connected to the digital world. Nowadays, everything is moving online and access to internet is often an imperative for work, education or healthcare.

To a lesser degree, this also happens to the world of commerce. Many e-commerce platforms have created a set of rules to decide who can participate on them. You might need to have a certain status, amount of sales, or meet other criteria.

We don’t think that creating barriers of entry on to whom can participate is fair. We believe it goes against the core tenant of free market and healthy competition. It impedes good sellers and merchants to participate to the economy of their community and to cross over to larger audiences. It creates friction, drive up prices, reduce choice, and create elitism.

The idea of bringing a decentralized online marketplace to the blockchain is to help resolve these differences. Anyone can participate and profit. Consumers can get new offers. Price can go down. Individuals can get their control back. And more importantly, everyone stands a chance to participate and win.

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