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As we continue the development of the Spacelens decentralized eCommerce platform, the team is already contemplating how to better use the blockchain to integrate a supply chain component within the platform.

Today, it is often hard to have a precise read on what is happening with physical goods around the world in real-time. There are many different sales channels, countries, standards, and flows of information. Vendors can have quite a lot of difficulties to understand where their products are at a given time, what has been purchased or sold, and where these transactions took place.

The blockchain and some underlying technologies can provide an elegant and useful solution. If you can "digitalize" any product SKU or reference on the blockchain, you can imagine a system where you would know at each time the situation of your inventory and supply chain.

You would get reliable data that would let you manage your stock and inventories in a much more precise manner. You will better understand what is being sold and where. And you could create a new accepted standard that lets buyers, merchants, and eCommerce platforms talk the same language around the world.

As we continue our mission of decentralizing e-Commerce, we will keep developing the supply and logistic component of our online marketplace with a view to allow users around the world to decentralize its management.

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