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We continue to add many different features to the Spacelens platform to close the gap between different types of currencies. Today, we are happy to announce that you can now easily convert any of the prices that appear on a product and service  to a cryptocurrency of your choice in the last version of the Spacelens app (v1.24).

You will see a crypto price appears below its fiat equivalent for every available listing  of the Spacelens marketplace. By default, this price will appear in Ethereum but you can easily switch it to over 30 different cryptos to instantly change the crypto of reference.

An example of the price of a product listed on the Spacelens marketplace.

For a long time now, users have been able to establish their base fiat currency (eg. USD, EUR, CHF...) directly within the app. Spacelens supports most currencies around the world and offers a global eCommerce experience.

Today, you now have a second set of currencies that you can choose from but this time those are in cryptocurrencies. Try creating a listing or simply shopping for a product to see it for yourself!

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