The Spacelens Blog

The team is happy to report a major upgrade to our decentralized eCommerce platform with the addition of new web3 wallets to connect to the Spacelens website.

We have also added several important and new features to our website platform overall. This makes it easier for users to search, find, and navigate existing offerings on the Spacelens marketplace.

These are all the new updates that have been made:

  • You can now connect with Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase wallet on the website making it easier to connect to the website with your current crypto wallet. Wallet Connect is an open protocol to connect wallets to Dapps and includes Rainbow, Trust wallet, WallETH, or Gnosis Safe for example.
  • We have included in the website app all the different categories so you can easily click on any of them and find related products and offerings.
  • We have continued to redesign the product page to make the information easier to read. We have also added more information such as the specific category of each product being visited.
  • We have added an easier way for people to switch between different cryptocurrencies when browsing all the different listing (this feature also exists on our mobile app). Simply clicking on an arrow lets you choose among Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

We will continue to work in the next coming weeks in adding even more filtering options and features to the Spacelens website app.

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