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One of our objectives for the coming year is to gradually let users create their listings and control the purchasing and selling of goods and services directly on the blockchain on the Spacelens eCommerce marketplace. Not only do we aim to make this process simple for most users, we also believe that this will unlock many possibilities in terms of pricing and transparency of transactions.

Because transactions will be made directly on the blockchain through the use of cryptocurrencies, the settlement of these transactions will not be controlled or go through a centralized platform. This in turns will enable buyers & sellers to avoid having to pay for specific (and often opaque) commissions. It will also allow sellers to know that their funds are protected and in their wallet rather than controlled by a third party entity. History of transactions will also be more transparent, enabling buyers to gather better information on specific vendors.

These changes are profound. They will enable to reduce pricing across the board for goods & services as vendors will retain more of their revenues and will have to compete in a more transparent way with other vendors for the sell of these goods.

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