It's always to see the discussions happening around us regarding the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 2020 and current 2021 have seen big upswings and downswings in crypto prices. There is a lot of volatility in the market and people seem to have a hard time to define proper value.

This reminds us of the years 2000 where the Internet bubble burst. Many of the companies and offerings didn't have sufficient substance to command the valuation that were paid for a time. The market got worried and people lost interest in "Internet stocks" for a while.

For many of those companies, the loss of interest was the right decision. But for others, it clearly was not. The good companies which had a real offering with tangible benefits became over time some of the biggest market capitalization on different exchanges.

We believe that a similar process will repeat itself with the blockchain. The blockchain offers a large amount of benefits and technologies that will foster new, long-lasting innovations in the years to come. It's important for us at Spacelens to keep a long view, to assess objectively what is what, and leverage these new technologies to create value for all, whether in the eCommerce and marketplace vertical or in other industries.

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